For Real Estate Portfolios

The Raeden Marketplace transforms unused space in your real estate portfolio into NOI-generating digital tenancies.

  • Digital Tenants – Technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Verizon, and AT&T to critical service companies like Zayo and Crown Castle
  • Technology Infrastructure – Cables and wires, wireless rooftop towers, computers, small sensors, etc.
  • Property Types – Any real estate asset, from office and industrial buildings to vacant land, anywhere
  • Results – Increased NOI and improved technology positioning
  • Zero Risk – No CapEx or TI, ‘set it and forget it’ tenancies
Partnership with Raeden

  • Flexible – Non-exclusive, terminable at any time
  • Upside Only – No listing fees, no capital costs
  • Partner-Oriented – Raeden receives a share of collected revenues
  • Risk Mitigation – Raeden protects your real estate investment

Real Estate is in our DNA.

For Technology Infrastructure

Raeden simply and cost-effectively unlocks all real estate for virtually any technology infrastructure installation.

  • Want to install a 3m tower, quickly, with minimal risk, and at reasonable rates/terms?
  • Wish you could install Edge, Near-Edge, and/or Micro-Edge deployments into commercial and high-density residential buildings under real MSA and SLA terms?
  • Futilely trying to get the attention of a real estate investor or management group to access conduit for fiber installation in the basement of a building?
Raeden and The Raeden Marketplace Deliver

  • Volume & Geography – Raeden provides access to tens of thousands of assets virtually anywhere through extensive real estate partnerships
  • Diversity – Deploy virtually anything from towers to fiber/copper to computers/storage/network devices to sensors
  • Speed – Raeden’s pre-negotiated agreements and deep relationships with real estate investors fast-track deployments – reducing deployment time by 50% or more
  • Risk Mitigation – Raeden materially understands Real Estate and Technology, aligning both interests to dramatically reduce execution risk

One Platform. One Partner. Deploy Anywhere.

You’re in good company

About Raeden

Raeden enables fast, scalable deployments of technology infrastructure through partnerships with Real Estate Investors, allowing companies to deliver network services more efficiently and reliably.