The Raeden Marketplace

The Marketplace for Last-Mile Technology Infrastructure.

Access 28,000+ Edge and Network Technology deployment locations across North America and the UK under one Global MSA with Raeden.

The Raeden Marketplace: The easy button to deploy technology infrastructure – anywhere.

Raeden provides high-integrity data to quickly assess whether a site meets your deployment specifications.

One Platform.

The Raeden Marketplace enables users to easily search and compare thousands of deployment-ready locations for any type of technology infrastructure, from wireless towers to edge colocation to cross-connects.

The Raeden Marketplace: Site selection and deployment made easy.

One Contract.

The Raeden Contract unlocks services at any and all Raeden sites with a simple sales order, one payment system, and zero leasing negotiations with landlords.

Unlimited Deployment Types


  • Rooftop Towers
  • Rooftop Fixtures (Antennes, Cameras, etc.)
  • Exterior Antennas and Sensors
  • Building Conduit + Riser Access
  • Cross Connects
  • Building Access and Penetrations
  • Colocation Rack/Cabinets, Termination Panels
  • Deployments on Surrounding Land

Deploy At Any Property Type


  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Multifamily
  • Retail
  • Medical Office Buildings (MOBs)
  • Hotels
  • Telecom Huts
  • Data Centers
  • Self Storage
  • Land
The Marketplace for Last-Mile Technology Infrastructure.

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