For Real Estate Portfolios

Unlock Hidden NOI with Digital Tenancy Opportunities

Powered by The Raeden Marketplace, Real Estate investors monetize their portfolios by leasing back-of-house resources to technology infrastructure companies.

How do Real Estate investors benefit from The Raeden Marketplace?

Without The Raeden Marketplace, digital tenants lack the information to identify the best locations for their deployments.

With The Raeden Marketplace, digital tenants access highly reliable asset information that facilitates the site selection and leasing process, creating net-new revenue and expanding the technology resources at and around the asset. Best of all? Raeden facilitates and manages the on-going digital tenancy relationships – from inception – minimizing the workload of the asset and property management teams.

The Raeden Marketplace is product-type agnostic and thus features a variety of building types and locations, from office, retail, and medical, to multifamily, industrial and vacant land.

Who are the Digital Tenants using The Raeden Marketplace?

Digital tenants utilize The Raeden Marketplace to find the space and resources they’re looking for – quickly and cost-efficiently.

Digital tenants include:

  • Fortune 1,000 enterprises
  • The world’s largest technology and telecommunications companies
  • Hyperscale cloud providers
  • National and regional network carriers
  • Data center investors and operators

Learn more about digital tenants here.

Increase Revenue, Improve Internet Capacity/Service/Resiliency, and Establish Technology Differentiation with Raeden

Raeden creates net-new NOI across your portfolio while enhancing technology services and solutions opportunities critical to attracting and retaining traditional tenants.

Increase Net Operating Income

Transform unused or underutilized space in your real estate portfolio into revenue generating digital infrastructure by partnering with Raeden.

Build a Smarter, Differentiated Portfolio

Improve your buildings’ technology positioning and services by addressing traditional tenants’ ever-evolving connectivity demands without needing to learn complex terminologies, sourcing vendors/providers, nor deviating from the core business of owning and operating real estate assets.

Curious how this works?

Experience how working with Raeden can help simplify your day.

Next Steps to Working with Raeden as a Marketplace Partner

Digital Tenancy Revenue Sources

1 Rooftop Towers
2 Rooftop Fixtures (Antennas, Cameras, etc.)
3 Exterior Antennas and Sensors
4 Building Conduit + Riser Access
5 Cross Connects
6 Building Access and Penetrations
7 Colocation Rack/Cabinets, Termination Panels
8 Deployments on Surrounding Land