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Unlock Tens of Thousands of Deployment Opportunities, Access to Raeden Edge Data Centers, and Industry-Leading Expertise with Raeden.

The Raeden Marketplace: The Only Last-Mile Solution

Raeden offers the only single-source solution for Edge and Network Technology deployments across any building or asset, with customers representing the Fortune 1000 and the world’s largest telecom and technology companies. The Raeden Marketplace leverages deep partnerships with leading real estate investors, telecom companies and data center owners, providing access to entire portfolios of assets, with tens of thousands of location options for deployment, and the most robust concentration of technology-specific and real estate-centric data.

The Raeden Marketplace contains highly-reliable, dynamically-updated data regarding information most important for technology installations including: power, available space for Edge computing installations, rooftops, risers, chases, conduit, building penetrations, handholes, manholes, and much more.

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Raeden Edge Data Centers

Certain buildings possess a critical mass of technology infrastructure by virtue of location and telecommunications network attributes.

Raeden optimizes power, cooling and connectivity resources at-scale within assets traditionally formally or informally supporting telecom and technology installations to the benefit of both the asset investor and the tenant(s)/client(s). Hub Locations can represent Carrier Hotel-centric resources, formal Data Center Solutions, or combinations of both, all supported by best practice MSA and SLA agreements managed by Raeden’s world-class Operations Team.

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One Platform. One Partner. Deploy Anywhere.

Site Selection

Raeden’s asset network extends far beyond locations identified on The Raeden Marketplace. Leading technology companies leverage Raeden’s real estate DNA to expedite and optimize site selection.

  • Need to deploy in a specific asset at a specific location?
  • Formalizing requirements but lacking resources to identify viable real estate options?
  • Struggling to engage with real estate management or ownership?

Raeden’s Real Estate Team will source assets of any kind, coordinate deployment with management and ownership, and rapidly provide options for evaluation, regardless of pre-existing relationships. Raeden’s Network and Data Center Teams will ensure all real estate targets reflect client requirements including installation timelines.

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Additional Services

In addition to the enablement of any technology infrastructure deployment within any real estate asset, Raeden provides numerous additional services, including, but not limited to:

  • Operation and administration of telecommunication systems and networks for others
  • Consulting in the field of maintenance and repair of telecommunications network hardware, apparatus, and instruments
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of telecommunications apparatus and instruments, and of telecommunications equipment
  • Telecommunication access services and consultation
  • Leasing of telecommunication equipment
  • Providing telecommunication connections to the internet or databases
  • Providing access to telecommunication networks
  • Providing access to local area computer networks
  • Providing electronic telecommunication connections
  • Rental of telecommunication equipment
  • Rental of telecommunications apparatus and installations
  • Telecommunications engineering consultancy
  • Telecommunications technology consultancy
  • Consulting in the field of telecommunications technology
  • Planning of buildings and infrastructure systems for buildings
  • Technical support services, namely, remote and on-site infrastructure management services for monitoring, administration and management of public and private cloud computing IT and application systems

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Unlimited Deployment Types

1 Rooftop Towers
2 Rooftop Fixtures (Antennas, Cameras, etc.)
3 Exterior Antennas and Sensors
4 Building Conduit + Riser Access
5 Cross Connects
6 Building Access and Penetrations
7 Colocation Rack/Cabinets, Termination Panels
8 Deployments on Surrounding Land