Working Alone vs. Working with Raeden: A Day in the Life of a RE Asset Manager

You get to work on the C-suite’s mandate to find new ways to boost NOI.

Too bad that rooftop antenna deal with NextGen Networks fell apart, but you don’t have the data to back up your CapEx or rent assumptions.

You email them again to try to bridge the gap on lease terms.


You see an email from Raeden asking about one of your marquee assets.

A potential digital tenant inquired about your property on The Raeden Marketplace for a $10K/mo deal to deploy a few server racks in a basement storage space.

You ping your property team to send Raeden the info.

No luck: NextGen replies they’ve already deployed across the street at 735 Shoreline.

You research NextGen’s competitors and conduct some cold outreach to sell your rooftop and other spaces for technology infrastructure.


Good news: Raeden already got the green light from their digital client, a Fortune 500 telco.

Raeden negotiates for the telco to cover the initial CapEx and will take the lead onboarding your new digital tenant with your property team.

Most of your emails will go unanswered for days or weeks, but, miraculously, you actually get a bite!

The rent offer from Northeast Communications seems low, they want you to cover the CapEx, and, to further complicate matters, you’re still unsure about the nuances of digital tenancy deals.


You confirm the proforma Raeden sent is good to go.

With Raeden’s pre-negotiated contracts and revenue share percentages, management is already on board for this type of deployment, so you just wait to sign a clean copy of the lease.

Despite your questions, the C-suite was clear about their NOI mandate, so you start organizing a game plan from scratch:

1. Begin sourcing local contractors who can install the antenna base to code.
2. Revisit your tenancy templates to see if they account for the new costs.
3. Request a call to spin up legal for a new license agreement for this type of deployment.
4. You know they may tell you to find new outside counsel specializing in telecom.
5. Your finance team is unsure about the up-front costs and ongoing expenses.
6. And management is unfamiliar with digital tenants, so any cost-benefit breakdown you present will be put under a microscope.

Sighing as you close your laptop for the night, you realize how this one small new lease is just the beginning of a long journey.


With the deal completed, you’re unwinding at home with your family when you see another email from Raeden:

1. They’ve scheduled deployment for the first week of next month, which triggers the new rent payment.
2. The Raeden team will project manage and support your property team.
3. And, Raeden has a new digital tenant opportunity at another portfolio asset!

As you mute your phone for the night, you wonder out loud, “Hey, who did that commercial with the easy button again?”